St. Paul's Carnival

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

I spent last weekend in Bristol visiting my boyfriend and what a lovely sunny weekend it was! We decided to make the most of the heat wave by starting our weekend with breakfast in the garden (after removing several cobwebs made by determined spiders) and felt like we were on holiday. We then made our way to St. Paul's Carnival, an African and Caribbean street party located in the centre of Bristol. Neither of us had been before but it's simply Bristol's version of Notting Hill Carnival. A day of music, dancing and lots of jerk chicken...

Different music was pumping out from stereos all the way down each street with people dancing anywhere they felt like it.

Lots of houses were casually open to the public selling beer, rum punch and even charging to use their toilet. A casual and friendly environment, but I wouldn't stay until the evening when it gets a little dodgy...

We had no idea what this Caribbean pasty type food was but we bought one and it was good.

Jerk chicken was everywhere and we just had to have it, impossible to eat with a fork by the way.

A fun and crazy day!

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