Yo! Sushi

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Prawn Tempura

Pumpkin Korroke

Beef Tataki | Kaiso Salad

Chicken Katsu Curry

Chicken Teriyaki

Lemon Tart | Chocolate Ganache Cake

After learning that Yo! Sushi offered a variety of food (over 80 Japanese inspired dishes) with hot cooked food as well as sushi, my boyfriend and I thought why not go to a new and exciting restaurant? Having sat on our high stalls looking a little confused and overwhelmed by the choice of food on the conveyor belt and hot food to be ordered from the menu, we eventually started digging in. Each dish from the conveyor belt is a different colour which indicates it's price and you can use the menu to identify what you're eating. We were easily excited by the process and although Yo! Sushi is described as 'fun, fast, fresh' food, we managed to spend two hours carefully choosing and sharing these small dishes. If you're a fast eater and get carried away, you could easily spend a fortune but having taken our time we spent roughly £20 each, the usual for a minimum of two courses in any casual dining restaurant chains. As a big fan of Wagamama, I enjoyed the very similar dishes at Yo! Sushi such as the Prawn Tempura and the Chicken Katsu Curry, they also do rice and noodles. Be prepared for a little difficulty scooping up the last small grains of rice with chopsticks. I'll admit the rice filled rolls wrapped in seaweed with raw fish weren't the most appealing dish to me, but the Beef Tataki (black pepper seared beef) was surprisingly really tasty! I would go to this restaurant again and still be fascinated by the conveyor belt with such a wide variety of dishes, maybe I need to get out more...

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