Rocky Road Popcorn Bites

Saturday, 8 June 2013

My Mum's been working really hard at work so I decided to treat her to something homemade and yummy with chocolate, every female's best friend. I wanted a quick and easy recipe, so I went to our kitchen 'cupboard of goodies' to search for possible ingredients. I found plain chocolate, mini marshmallows and popcorn. Chocolate and marshmallows scream Rocky Road, so I thought popcorn would be a perfect sweet and crunchy twist on the more traditional Rocky Road with biscuits or Rice Krispies. 

A fun, quick and simple treat to make with only 4 ingredients:
80g plain chocolate
45g (small bag) Butterkist Light Toffee Popcorn
Mini marshmallows

They are roughly 100 calories each when split into 6 squares (inaccurate I know, it was a spontaneous decision to throw these ingredients together).

Start by melting the plain chocolate...

Once the chocolate has fully melted, add the popcorn to the bowl and quickly coat the popcorn. Pour the mixture into a greased tray and top with as many mini marshmallows as you like (I found that greasing a tin foil lined tray allowed the mixture to be peeled off easily once set). Oh and feel free to lick the bowl!

I also added a few strawberry chunks on top to give this yummy treat a summery feel. After the mixture has been placed in the fridge to cool and set for over an hour, it can be broken into 6 squares.

Then you can indulge in your crunchy chocolate bites, enjoy!

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